Introduction -  Changes to the Commissioner and the Industry by Tim McKibbin - Elective

The compulsory topics for Roadshow for the 2023-24 CPD year will be: 

  1. Managing unforeseen rental terminations – incarcerated, abandoned, deceased   
  2. Privacy, Proof of ID, Cyber-security, fraud prevention, and data collection  
  3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure in Strata, Commercial, and Residential
  4. Importance of Supervision Guidelines – Practical Implementation for Residential, Commercial, and Strata 

1. Managing unforeseen rental terminations – incarcerated, abandoned, deceased.
Working within the legislative world of the rental industry can be a mind field. Then with the additional situations of a tenant being imprisoned, dying within the premises, or just simply abandoning the premises altogether leaving unpaid rent and possible damage.

This course will provide an interactive session to ensure that as an agent you:

  • Understand the legislative requirements of section 106, 107 and 108 of the Residential Tenancies Act 
  • Know how to make the decision to evict or not evict a tenant that is incarcerated – what is the right thing to do? 
  • Know the requirements when a tenant is deceased – what are the requirements immediately on finding out through to re-letting 
  • Know what can be done where damage has been caused to the property   

2. Privacy, Proof of ID, Cyber-security, fraud prevention and data collection

Understanding today’s privacy and cyber security requirements can be overbearing. This short interactive course will provide you with an introduction into the following: 

  • An overview of the 13 Australian Privacy Principles
  • Understanding ID requirements and how to protect your consumer ID 
  • When and what to collect when taking and consumer information 
  • Cyber-security, what can you do to protect your consumers data 
  • Protecting trust accounts from online fraud 

3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure in Strata, Commercial and Residential  

With a large abundance of electric vehicles now hitting the Australian roads and the infrastructure required to support the move to clean energy vehicles. Real estate agents need to ensure that they are up to date on the requirements surrounding electric vehicles and how to adopt these within residential, strata and commercial properties.    

  • Understanding the requirements of EV charging points under the National Construction Code 
  • Accessibility requirements of EV charging points 
  • Strata by-laws and do these need to change to suit electric vehicles 
  • How to monitor use and meter charging stations 
  • Cost of the implementation and who wears the cost 
  • Fire safety surrounding electric vehicles and charging points   

4. Importance of Supervision Guidelines – Practical Implementation for Residential, Commercial and Strata  

How many supervision guidelines are there 13, 15, 5 or 10. It is important that agents regardless of your position have an understanding on of the Supervision Guidelines to help support a successful career in Real Estate. Even though they have the word guide in the title, they derive from legislation making them enforceable in proceedings.   

This interactive course will: 

  • Ensure that agents have a full understanding of the Supervision Guidelines and how these are used on Residential, Stata and Commercial 
  • Allow participants to explore and bring to life the Supervision Guidelines to support their careers. 
  • Develop or be provided tools to support each of the Supervision Guidelines 
  • How the Supervision guidelines support the recent changes to the legislation 
  • Thew ability to ask questions on areas that you feel you need support in to strengthen our Supervision guideline manual.

8:30 am Registration

9 am - 1 pm 

Breakfast will be provided.